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Minutes of the pre-season committee meeting

Present:   David Hawes-Gatt (DHG) (Chairman/Hever),  Lewis Evans (LE)  (West Malling) , Paul Cronin (PC) (Nevill) , Mark Kennedy (MK) (North Foreland), Darren Read (DR) (Redlibbets)

Apologies – Richard Beer and Michael Pilbeam (Canterbury)

  • Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and no matters were arising.
  • DHG stood for re election as Chairman and this was carried unanimously
  • Committee agreed that Chairman should remain in place for another 3 years, then review, unless DHG wished to step down before then.
  • Finance – Sponsorship agreed with Golfbreaks, via Nik Hayes, a contact of DHG. Golfbreaks intend to be actively involved, supporting the jamboree as well as other potential events throughout the year.
  • Fixtures – most fixtures have been confirmed and are on the website
  • Westerham confirmed as new members of the league, voting was split 3 – 3 on the committee and put to general vote which came out 8 – 6 in favour of Westerham.
  • DHG noted that we had received approaches from 3 clubs in the last 12 months to join the league. Committee agreed that no plans to expand at present.
  • Canterbury GC proposed that the minimum age of players should be reduced to 16, rather than 18. DR, MK and PC all stated that the league, although competitive, is also a very social league, where traditionally rounds of drinks are bought after matches. For this reason they felt that it was not appropriate for under 18’s to play. The motion was defeated by 5 votes to 1.
  • There had been some matches postponed this season and even cancelled altogether in previous seasons. DHG confirmed that if home course is open matches should be played, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Jamboree – suggestion had been put forward that we might rotate the hosting of the jamboree outside of the premier league. General discussion followed, but consensus was that it was a privilege of the winners of the Premier division to host. However, jamboree should be held at a weekend in ideal circumstances and therefore if the potential host club could not do this we would offer it to all clubs on a rotation basis.
  • Anthony Tooke (Sweetwoods) has donated a trophy for the winners of the jamboree, in memory of his son, tragically killed in Afghanistan in Nov 2018. This was accepted gratefully and unanimously by the committee.
  • PC from the Nevill will carry out a website review and seek sponsorship in order to upgrade the site. A new page reflecting the Golfbreaks sponsorship and various offers will be added shortly.
  • DHG thanked The Nevill for hosting an excellent Jamboree day
  • DR thanked DHG for his continued efforts as Chairman and for maintaining the website. All present agreed and expressed thanks.
  • No further business, the meeting closed at 12.15pm