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Date and Time

Match Results


Westerham v Tudor Park

17th April

W2 L2 H1

Nevill v Hever Castle

18th April 10am tee

W4 H1

Chartham Park v Kings Hill

24th April

W2 H2 L1

Nizels v Dale Hill

25th April 11am tee 

W3 L2


Nevill v Redlibbets

1st May

W3 L2

West Malling v Tudor Park
2nd May

W3 L2

Kings Hill v Princes
8th May

W4 L1

Chestfield v Westerham
8th May 9.30 food 11am tee
W3 L2
Sweetwoods v Tudor Park
9th May

W2 L3

Canterbury v Kings Hill

15th May 9am breakfast 10am start

W4 L1

Tudor Park v Chestfield

16th May 

W4 L1

Princes v Canterbury

22nd May 12.40pm tee

W3 L2

Westerham v West Malling

22nd May

H1 L4

Dale Hill v Nevill

22nd May 9.40am tee

W4 H1

Redlibbets v Nizels

29th May 11am tee 

W3 L2

Canterbury v Princes

29th May 0am breakfast 10am start

W3 H2

Chartham Park v North Foreland

30th May

W5 - L0


Kings Hill v Chartham Park

5th June 12.10pm tee

W3 H1 L1

Princes v North Foreland

5th June 12.40 tee

W5 L0

Nizels v Hever Castle

5th June 10am food 11.15 tee

W3 H1 L1

Sweetwoods v Westerham

12th June 

W4 H1

Hever Castle v Nizels

12th June 11.15 tee

W2 L3

Dale Hill v Redlibbets

13th June 10.00 tee

W5 L0

Canterbury v North Foreland

19th June 9am breakfast 10am start

North Foreland v Kings Hill
26th June


Redlibbets v Dale Hill

3rd July 11.00am tee

Sweetwoods v Chestfield
4th July
West Malling v Westerham
4th July
North Foreland v Princes
10th July

Chartham Park v Canterbury
11th July

Nizels v Nevill
17th July 11am tee

Tudor Park v Sweetwoods
17th July
Nizels v Redlibbets
25th July 11am tee
Sweetwoods v Westerham
25th July

West Malling v Sweetwoods

31st July


Hever Castle v Nevill

1st August 11.15am tee

Tudor Park v Westerham

7th August 

West Malling v Chestfield

7th August

Hever Castle v DaleHill

14th August am food 11.15 tee

Princes v Kings Hill
14th August
North Foreland v Chartham Park
14th August
Sweetwoods v West Malling
15th August

Redlibbets v Hever Castle

21st August 11am tee

Kings Hill v North Foreland

21st August 1.13pm tee

Chestfield v Sweetwoods

21st August 9.30 food 11am tee

Chartham Park v Princes

22nd August 

Canterbury v Chartham Park

28th August 9am breakfast 10am start

Chestfield v Tudor Park

28th August 9.30 food 11am tee

Nevill v Nizels 

29th August 10:30am tee


Dale Hill v Nizels

4th September 9.40am tee

Chestfield v West Malling

4th September 9.30am food 11am tee

Redlibbets v Nevill
5th September
North Foreland v Canterbury
11th September
Westerham v Chestfield
11th September
Tudor Park v West Malling
12th September
Dale Hill v Hever Castle
19th September 9.40am tee

Kings Hill v Canterbury

25th September

Princes v Chartham Park

26th September 12.30pm tee

Hever Castle v Redlibbets

26th September 11.15am tee


Nevill v Dale Hill

2nd October

Westerham v Sweetwoods

2nd October

Jamboree at Nevill Golf Club

Sunday 10th October 10:30am